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Nuestros egresados nos llenan de orgullo

May 3, 2022

Con gran orgullo destacamos los logros de nuestros egresados a nivel nacional e internacional. En esta ocasión, felicitamos a Jairo Andres Contreras quien fue reconocido por la Universidad de Texas. Les compartimos una carta enviada por Andres:

The 74th honors day was held at The University of Texas at Austin on Saturday, April 9. Honors day, which began in 1948 and has been celebrated every year since, honors the achievements of the highest achieving students at the University of Texas at Austin – those who have earned their distinction as college scholars by meeting competitive criteria. The deepest purpose of the university is to unlock the potential of UT students. Honors day is an opportunity to celebrate those who not only reached their potential but surpassed it, elevating themselves to the very highest levels of academic accomplishments. 

“As part of honors day, each student receives a certificate, along with a set of honors cords that can be worn with academic regalia at commencement. After my first three semesters at UT, I was recognized for being in the top 10% of students with the best accumulated average. I am currently a physics major with a focus on space sciences, in the college of natural sciences.

I would like to express my gratitude to my high school CAS for having allowed me to grow personally and academically surrounded by amazing people, who give their best every day to educate leaders capable of changing the world. During my time at CAS, I learned to persevere, and discovered that with hard work and discipline, I can achieve any goal I set for myself”.

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