Miss Diana Rojas -our new English Department coordinator in primary-

April 25, 2019

New Year – new position and new challenges. These are the words of our new English Department coordinator in primary, Miss Diana Rojas. The first term is already behind us, so it was interesting for me to find out how Miss Diana feels in her new role. It was difficult to find some extra time in a busy coordinator´s schedule, but eventually we were able to meet in her office.

Diana told me that she was really honored to be in her new position because the Colombo American School is a well-recognized institution in Colombia and working as a department chair will certainly enrich her professional profile. “I think one of the most important challenges is to support all the elements of the institutional program,” tells Miss Rojas. For her it is important to show that our classes evidence the alignment between the curriculum and innovative didactics. “To be a positive leader,” adds Miss Rojas is important for her as well as to inspire her team to achieve even better academic results.

Finally, Miss Rojas cites Theodor Roosevelt, “People ask the difference between the leader and the boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.”

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