“Welcome to CAS Disney fun where the adventure begins”

Preschool and first grade students let their imagination run free on May the seventeenth. The motive was our awaited Annual English Day, which was aimed to provide our students with the opportunity to practice their language skills through different engaging and competitive interactive activities linked to Disney characters.

Finding that communication is crucial to expand their knowledge of proper language usage, the students were encouraged to take an active role in each interactive learning center based on a specific Disney character. The centers included activities that helped students expand their vocabulary and put into practice all the language skills they have acquired during their Language Arts classes and constant interaction with the language. They developed their imagination and creative thinking towards communicative skills that were used in plays, bingo, lottery games, character personification, charades, story game cards, smartboard games, songs, masks, dress up activities, quiz whiz, and many more creative hands-on activities.

The main purpose of the activities was to help all students, high and low performers, to develop their language and interaction skills in a didactic manner working as a team, using Cooperative Learning and being ingenious. The preschool team is very proud of the performance of all students and we all look forward to what our students will accomplish in next year’s English Day. This experience was unforgettable for students who enjoyed every step of the way. Our warmest appreciation to the Colombo American Community, whose valuable support made this day a great success.