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May 30, 2018

Today, May 11th is one of the few chances in the school year that us students get the chance you repay you for all the effort put into our learning process. First of all, we are grateful for your patience, because we know us teenagers are not easy to deal with. We are also grateful for your willingness to try out different teaching strategies based on the fact that we understand topics at different paces and in different ways. You often have to sacrifice your free time to answer any questions we might have, but what makes it even more valuable for us is that you do it selflessly and unhesitatingly.

All careers derive from the subjects seen at school: If we want to be politicians, we have to study Social Studies; if we wish to be writers, Spanish and Language Arts come in handy; if we want to be architects or economists; Geometry and Math do the job; If we want to be scientists, Biology, Chemistry and Physics will get us started. You, teachers, are the ones who help pave our roads towards our dreams, you help us explore our capabilities and find talents we never thought we had. People often say we, the more recent generations, are the future of our society and I’m sure we wouldn’t be able to take on this big responsibility without you. Thanks to you, we are now conscious of the mistakes made by people throughout history so that we don’t repeat them , we have learnt how us humans have affected our environment and how to reverse this damage and last but not least, we have learnt to accept and love each other for who we are so that homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, and racism become nothing but bad memories of the past.

As our departure from school draws near, I look back and I see myself invaded with nostalgia. In our past school years, you have taught us everything we know, and you have been with us every step of the way. We are forever in your debt for taking us under your wings as if we were your own children and for teaching us how to fly.

¡Happy Teacher’s Day!

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