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May 30, 2018

Barichara, “The Prettiest Town in Colombia”. This was the destination for our 6th grade field trip this year 2018. Barichara is a village located 40 minutes away from San Gil (our first stop and our first academic experience) and I will say without hesitation, that it is the most amazing  place I have ever visited. It has many beautiful churches, paved roads, colonial houses painted in white and bright colors, old tiled roofs and wooden doors. Students  found this village really interesting because it was a new place for most of them.

Another unbelievable experience was the Chicamocha Canyon; there, you could walk to the Mirador and enjoy the marvelous view on the Río Suarez and finally understand why most foreigners love our country. You can also take its main feature, an aerial tramway that crosses the Chicamocha Canyon, which in my opinion opened our eyes to the beauty of the place.

We also visited different attractive places in San Gil such as “El Gallineral” park, it  which is packed with old giant trees from which Spanish moss hangs, creating a magical forest. Gallineral Park is located near the Fonce River and the Curití Creek.

Last but not least, was the “Cueva del Indio” (Indian’s Cave). Only 10 km away from San Gil, the entrance was difficult due to the heavy rain in the area; it was very muddy, but we made it through. After walking through the cave, the tour finished with a 6-meter high jump into a subterranean river that led us outside of the caves, which I could not have accomplished without the great support of all my students.

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