Andrés Iregui, 9ºA

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Our prom had the privilege to go on a two-day team building-day-retreat not only to see if this could be a new activity to implement for years to come, but also to be able to create a bond with classmates around prom. This experience surpassed my expectations. Since the moment I woke up at 4:00 a.m., it was an opportunity to take all the academic load off our shoulders and forget about our problems. The trip gave me the chance to get to know some classmates profoundly; it showed me how important each person involved with the prom is, it showed me how talented and joyful they are, it was a chance to change my routine and be with people I do not usually spend time with. Each activity, each moment was unique, interesting and cheerful. I think that the teachers were also quite significant to my experience, since I got to know them outside of their teacher roles and more as human beings and friends instead of authority figures. These activities are extremely important because they take place in different environments and promotes a fun time, but especially, because it´s a chance to open our hearts, not only to interact with other people but to ask for forgiveness and show a side that not many might know, which generates love, unity and conviction in the prom.

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