The fly and the problem


One day, a 13-year-old girl, named Lucy, was doing her math homework while listening to music. She had almost finished her homework, until she had to do exercise number 53 in her math book. She read the exercise again and again; over and over, but she couldn’t get the answer. She hadn´t noticed that a little fly came through the window and sat on the book Lucy had on her desk, and had started looking at the math problem. He already had the answer for it, like if it was just an obvious answer; in fact, it was (or at least, it was for him).

The fly went up to Lucy to tell her the answer, but he was stopped by a dog that was resting on the floor. ‘What are you trying to do?’ asked the dog. ‘I know the answer to her math problem. I want to help her. Oh, by the way, my name is Ray.’ answered the fly. ‘Mine is Mike, and good luck trying to get her attention. Generally, she never plays with me, especially when she’s listening to music. In fact, she often gets mad when I try to play with her.’ And the dog said: ‘I’m hungry.’

He left the room to grab something to eat. Meanwhile, Ray went to where the girl was. ‘Hey’, said Ray. ‘excuse me’ he continued, but no response. Lucy noticed that the fly was there, and tried to shoo him away. Yet, regardless of what happened, Ray came to the girl again. ‘Hey!’ shouted Ray. ‘I can help you!’ Ray said once again. Lucy started feeling a little frustrated. He just wanted to help her somehow. He started looking for something that might help him, but he couldn’t find anything useful.

Lucy started getting a little mad. She didn’t know why the fly was there, all she thought of was that the fly wanted to bother her. She got to the point where she stood up and started running after Ray, trying to catch him. Ray started flying around trying to escape. ‘Hey!’ Ray exclaimed. ‘Wait a minute! I can help!’ he continued while running out of breath. ‘How?’ asked the girl. ‘Here, look!’ Then, Ray told her how to solve her math problem. ‘hey, thanks! And, well… Sorry for earlier.’ Said Lucy. ‘No problem!’ Answered Ray, who was already leaving with a smile.